Yoga Teacher Training 200Hr+ Course, Next Course Commences Fri 22nd January 2021 – Taking applications NOW

The Power & Grace of Yin & Yang – 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

We are now taking applications for January 2021.

This year we are offering a hybrid Training. Offering limited spaces in studio, following government guidelines as well as offering the option to stay Online. The course will be a mix of Live Online, Pre-recorded and Studio for those that request a space. Friday Nights will remain Online for everybody. Saturday will be a mix, where we will come together whether you are online or in studio. We have been so proud of our students willingness and ability to adapt this year, to whatever Covid and all the guidelines that surround throw at us. True Yogic Spirit.

If you would like to turn your passion into a way of life, make a difference, share your knowledge with others, live the life you love – make that first step and never look back – drop us an email, tell us about yourself and your yoga journey.

Group of Jan 2019


Join us for the most incredible journey…

What does yoga mean to you?

Interested in finding your own unique teaching style, or simply wanting to delve deeper to enhance your own yoga practice?

Are you interested in both the teachings of Yin Yoga & Vinyasa and want to develop your knowledge further?

We want to support you on this journey, nourish your unique style, embrace your personality, listen to your experiences and celebrate your passion.

We will be covering the following and more….

The Philosophy, History and Practice of both Yin & Yang (Vinyasa) Yoga

The 8 Limbs of Yoga (Bringing the Yamas & Niyamas on & off the mat)

Pranayama – The Power of Breath

Anatomy – (Skeletal, Fascial and Muscular Systems) including our how to prevent injury Clinics

Asanas – Yin (including basic Qi Gong plus Paul Grilley’s teachings on the seven archetypal poses), Yang – traditional standing & Seated Poses. We encourage you to be creative and explore the many variations of each pose.

How to adapt your class accordingly (Adjustments, Props – Chair Yoga)

The Art of Cueing

The Art of Sequencing

Introduction to Ayurveda

The 5 Elements – following Traditional Chinese Medicine

– Meditation & Yoga Nidra.

Where do you go from teacher training…

Dates For /2021

Times on Fridays are 6pm – 8pm (Zoom), Times on Saturday are 8am – 5pm (Studio or Zoom)

MODULE 1 – Fri/Sat 22nd – 23rd Jan

MODULE 2 – Fri/Sat 19th/20th Feb

MODULE 3 – Fri/Sat 19th/20th March

MODULE 4 – Fri/Sat 23rd – 24th April

MODULE 5 – Fri/sat 21st – 22nd May

MODULE 6 – Fri/Sat 18th/19th June


MODULE 7 – Fri/Sat 27th/28th August

MODULE 8 – Fri/Sat 17th/18th September

Module 9 – 22nd/23rd October

Module 10 – 19th/20th November

Module 11 – 3rd/4th December

Module 12 – 10th December – Graduation Night!

2020 200hr+ Course – Investment: £2,600
Non-Refundable Deposit: £600 (confirms place) – Thereafter 10 monthly instalments of £200 (Jan – Nov 2021).

OR enjoy our EARLY BIRD £200 OFF Discount

£2400 to be paid in Full by Monday 16th November 2020


Send me an email, let me know a little about you, why you would like to do the course and what is your present practice. Lets take it from there.



“This course has been my oxygen!”

“This course has made me a better teacher, the students have noticed, the other teachers have noticed, I have noticed. Second course, I’ve learnt so much, thank you”

“So inspirational, your passion is infectious”

“I know I will finish this training, with the most amazing memories and will always remember, how supported and nurtured I’ve felt. Thank you for that”

“What nerves, I’ve found my voice”

“I was excited to be challenged physically, box ticked, but if I’m honest, I hadn’t realised there was so much to Yoga Teaching. My views and where my focus was initially, has changed. Definitely for the better.”

“The care and thought that has gone into this course, as well as all the wonderful guest teachers, has been incredible and hugely appreciated.”

“This course is making me think about my impact on the earth and towards others, slowly I’m making different choices and considerations.”

“You are very good at building community, my second course also. The encouragement and space you’ve offered and held, to allow each individual to shine, has been amazing to watch and be part of.”

“By the end of this course, I want you to feel confident to teach the style of yoga you feel suits your own unique style and personality. I want you to feel the door has been opened, to life long learning and for you to feel ready to embark, on a new exciting adventure – Val”

“I’m really looking forward to sharing and supporting each one of you on this incredible journey” – Val