Yoga Teacher Training 200Hr+ Course, commences Friday 31st January 2020 – NOW FULL

The Power & Grace of Yin & Yang – 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

We are now taking applications for January 2021

If you would like to turn your passion into a way of life, make a difference, share your knowledge with others, live the life you love – make that first step and never look back – drop us an email and note your interest.

Group of Jan 2019


Join us for the most incredible journey…

What does yoga mean to you?

Interested in finding your own unique teaching style, or simply wanting to delve deeper to enhance your own yoga practice?

Are you interested in both the teachings of Yin Yoga & Vinyasa and want to develop your knowledge further?

We want to support you on this journey, nourish your unique style, embrace your personality, listen to your experiences and celebrate your passion.

We will be covering the following and more….

Yamas & Niyamas, not only allowing us to deepen our self-awareness in the yoga room, but how to explore these ethical practices beyond, making them accessible to your life journey as part of the Eight Limbs as set out in the yoga sutras.

– Ahimsa will be at the core of our learning throughout the year.

The Power of the breath, Pranayama, the life force – looking at a variety of pranayama techniques, gaining confidence and an understanding of when you would use them, why would you use them and how to use them effectively.

The Philosophy & Practice of Yin Yoga focusing on anatomy (skeletal, muscle and fascial systems.), we will explore sequencing using the meridian lines (TCM), movements of the spine, plus Paul Grilley’s teachings on the seven archetypal poses.

How to find our own natural movement patterns in Vinyasa practice – We will explore a variety of practices, delving deep into body movement , encouraging you to find your own natural movement pattern and unique teaching style. We will be studying C.A.R’s, controlled articulated rotations to support your learning in both Yin & Yang.

Understanding our own anatomy as well as our students. Learning to look at what’s possible, with kindness, knowledge and dedication and accepting our limitations without judgement. We have several Anatomy Workshops throughout our year together that are specific to Yin & Yang movement with a module on injuries.

– Yin & Yang Asanas – Breaking down the postures into a variety of levels, learning confidently how to link postures either by ‘class planning’ in advance, or by using and working with the energy and student’s ability within the room. You will learn lots of fun interesting ways to sequence. Lots of hands on adjustments, if you wish to adjust, as well as the art of verbal cueing and understanding what props to use when.

-How to modify for different groups and abilities, making classes both safe and fun.

By the end of the year, you will feel confident to teach both Yin and Yang styles. You will also more importantly learn to teach from your heart.

Adjustments (How to, when to and when not to.)

– To Prop or not…. What are all these props in the studio for and how can we use them effectively.

Have you found your voice ? Verbal cueing, considering and being mindful of the language used. What’s appropriate, what’s not!

How can you enhance the experience of your own students within your class environment? (Introduction/thoughts on essential oils, trigger point release and acupressure.)

– Introduction to Ayurveda.

Meditation & Yoga Nidra.

Where do you go from teacher training…

Dates For 2020 Training/2021 Dates will be released soon, get in touch if you are interested…

Times on Fridays are 6pm – 9pm, Times on Saturday are 8am – 6pm

MODULE 1 – Fri/Sat 31st Jan/1st Feb

MODULE 2 – Fri/Sat 6th/7th March

MODULE 3 – Fri/Sat 27th/28th March

MODULE 4 – Fri/Sat 24th/25th April

MODULE 5 – Fri/sat 29th/30th May

MODULE 6 – Fri/Sat 26th/27th June


MODULE 7 – Fri/Sat 28th/29th August

MODULE 8 – Fri/Sat 2nd/3rd October

Module 9 – 23rd/24th October

Module 10 – 13th/14th November

Module 11 – 4th/5th December

Module 12 – 11th December – Graduation Night!

2020 200hr+ Course – Investment: £2,500
Non-Refundable Deposit: £500 (confirms place, to be paid by the end of October 2019 for 2020 course) 10 monthly instalments of £200 (Jan – Oct 2020).


Send me an email, let me know a little about you, why you would like to do the course and what is your present practice. Lets take it from there.



“This course has been my oxygen!”

“This course has made me a better teacher, the students have noticed, the other teachers have noticed, I have noticed”

“So inspirational, your passion is infectious”

“I know I will finish this training, with the most amazing memories and will always remember, how supported and nurtured I’ve felt. Thank you for that”

“What nerves, I’ve found my voice”

“I was excited to be challenged physically, box ticked, but if I’m honest, I hadn’t realised there was so much to Yoga Teaching. My views and where my focus was initially, has changed. Definitely for the better.”

“The care and thought that has gone into this course, as well as all the wonderful guest teachers, has been incredible and hugely appreciated.”

“This course is making me think about my impact on the earth and towards others, slowly I’m making different choices and considerations.”

“By the end of this course, I want you to feel confident to teach the style of yoga you feel suits your own unique style and personality. I want you to feel the door has been opened, to life long learning and for you to feel ready to embark, on a new exciting adventure – Val”

“I’m really looking forward to sharing and supporting each one of you on this incredible journey” – Val