Yin Yoga & Sound Bath with Val & Rabin Saturday 7th September 6-8pm


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Moving into late Summer, the last weeks of heat and summer sun.   An important time for nourishing the body and mind, nature is undergoing, it’s last burst of growth before we slow down.  Let’s ease into the fabric of our body through long held Yin postures, getting into the softer tissues to ease out tension and stresses. Melting away limitations from our physical body depending on our own unique everyday physical movements.  Yin Yoga, helps to create space and free us, enhance mobility with patience and dedication, add this to Rabin’s incredible Sound Bath, the healing power of sound.
Allow the waves of sound ease out stagnation, smooth away stresses, bringing you back to harmony, to balance.
Moving this month to a Saturday, as we offer another special event on Friday prior.