TRX Tuesday 9.30am – 5 week course begins 17th September


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This is a 60 min TRX Combo session for all levels, whether you are an Olympic Athlete or just want to get off the couch and get fit, it doesn’t matter.
You will be coached at what gradient is correct for you and makes you feel confident.
60mins of focus to get YOU fit. Every week, you will be met with different challenges, different combo’s to keep you on your toes. We ask for a 5 week commitment, so you can see results, however if space allow, you may drop in. Please check first.
It is important to approach the following Seasons with a strong body and strong mind!!
TRX uses functional movement, helping to increase your overall fitness. You are using your body weight and gravity as resistance, building strength, balance, co-ordination, flexibility, core and joint stability.

Course £40
Drop in £12 (if space allows)


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