The Perfect Pause – Yin Yoga & Sound Bath with Val & Rabin, Friday 4th March 6pm – 8.30pm


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Me time. A time to Pause.
Moving in harmony with the rhythms of nature.

Val will guide you through a Yin sequence, embracing stillness, in body and mind using breath awareness, giving you time for observing the sensations that arise and inviting you to move accordingly, following the rhythms of your own breath.
The evening will continue, as your body soaks up the positive vibrations of Rabin’s beautiful sound journey. Being in the present moment, bathed by these exquisitely played sound waves. A meditative experience, using a variety of healing instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, chimes and many more.

As nature transitions through the most Winter to Spring, moving away from the dark towards the light, join us.

The studio will be filled with candlelight, visually stunning, however the energy in the room is hard to describe, beautiful.

This evening is for all levels.

*We have reduced numbers to allow for social distancing guidelines. As always, we ask that you sanitize hands on arrival, wear your mask to the mat and when you leave. Look forward to seeing you, Val x