Summer Time – Belly Dance Fusion with Anna Morton 10am – 11.30am Sunday 30th June


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Discover the healing powers of one of the world’s most ancient and sacred art forms – Belly dance.
In this fun, dynamic workshop we will connect with our bodies and unleash the divine feminine which resides within us all. Learn to control your muscles to mimic the slow undulation of an ocean wave or the fast beat of a drum. Awaken your sensuality to the sound of intoxicating Arabic rhythms, as we shake off old unhelpful patterns and welcome transformation from within.
Often misunderstood in the West, modern Belly dance is a fusion of traditional social and folkloric dances originating in Egypt and the Middle East. This fascinating dance form involves not just the belly and torso but the entire body, including the hands and eyes!  Belly dance is a rich, complex yet accessible dance form which is low impact and suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. By incorporating techniques such as body isolations, movement layering and music interpretation, it is a workout for both the body and the mind.
This 90 minute workshop is suitable for complete beginners or any level of dance training.
Please bring water, and a scarf to tie around your waist.  No footwear is required.