Summer Solstice Online 108 Sun Salutations, 10am Saturday 19th June 2021


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This is a special event, that is always close to my heart. Today we are continuing our plight to help save and care for wild mountain gorillas through the Virunga Foundation.

Virunga National Park is one of the most biologically diverse areas on the planet and home to the worlds critically endangered mountain gorillas.
This park is a sanctuary for endangered mountain gorillas. Staff and rangers in the park, often come under deadly attack. 200 brave Rangers have lost their lives so far in the line of duty, with 6 of them killed in a horrendous attack in January of this year.
Apart from the unrest that surrounds the park, like most places in the world, Covid has taken its toll and of course recently the eruption of Nyiragongo Volcano in May.

For today, we would like all funds raised to go directly to the park, and the amazing work they do, offering whatever support we can.

I have placed the ticket price as £10.
If you want to donate more, we encourage you to buy more tickets. If £10 is too much, please click on the link below and donate whatever you feel is right.

We have offered some garden space at the studio, weather permitting, however this is in now FULL, so we are taking zoom outside. So far the forecast is rain, but you never know, this is Scotland, maybe you could set your zoom also up outside and join us, if the sun breaks through….zoom link will be sent out prior to event.

10am start, 1hr.

Please remember, while 108 Sun salutations can be energetic, you can do 1/2 Sun Salutation A’s or Chair Salutations or do what you can and sit the rest out. We are in it together, 1 big beating heart for the protection of all living beings, part of the first limb in yoga – Ahimsa.


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