Spring/Summer ‘Biggest Garden Sun Salutations Fundraiser Yet’, Sunday 25th June @ 11am YOU CAN STILL BUY TICKETS AND ALL SALES WILL GO DIRECT TO OUR FUNDRAISER!


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NEW DATE Join us in the studio garden for our biggest ‘garden’ fundraiser yet!

108 Sun Salutations is no mean feat, enjoy adding that feather to your bow! With upbeat tunes, surround yourself with good people, fresh air and if we’re lucky, a ray or two of sunshine, plus one of our fabulous teachers, Aga, will guide us on a sound journey through Shavasana – this will be a wonderful experience.

This year, we are looking to raise enough money to feed a new school we are sponsoring in Zambia, via Scottish Charity, Mary’s Meals.  This is something we have always done prior to ‘C…….’ and something we are keen to get back up and running.

Education is the most positive way to bring about change.

After reading an article this morning, of young girls being abducted while working in fields, trafficked and put into brothels, reminded me of how we must always be active.

These young girls were working the fields, helping their families earn enough money to feed them.  It made me wonder, if food had been offered at school, would they have been at school, being educated, fed and moreover safe.

All over the world, schools make up the most fundamental part of our communities.  Something we take for granted.  All children deserve to be part of a school with good education, that enables and empowers them to build a life of their own, a life that can shape their future.  All children should know the support and love of community, and all children should be fed.

Join us for this fun morning with some extra nice surprises!

How Can you get involved?:

*You can buy a ticket, which confirms your space with all funds going directly to our chosen school at Mary’s Meals.

*Encourage your friends and family to join in, spread and share.  Your voice is everything.

*Start a fundraiser for your efforts, we will then ask you to transfer what you have raised and add it to the fundraiser total.

Thank you for helping if you can, let’s do this xx

Generally if you can exercise for one hour and are in good health, you will thoroughly enjoy this event.  If you struggle to exercise for that long but want to be part of it, the option is to do 1/2 Sun Salutations for part or all of the event.

If you have health concerns, please double check with your doctor.