Spring Equinox – 108 Sun Salutations, Saturday 20th March 10am


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As the sun crosses the equator line, heading North in the sky, when day and night are of equal lengths, this marks the start of Spring.
The season of renewal, a time of growth and rebirth after the depth and introspection of Winter.

A time of hope, an opportunity to bring our vision, inspiration, and creative energy to fruition.
Spring is a time to recreate order out of chaos, cleanse within and around us, let go, take a risk and move!

This is a special event, that is always close to my heart, but especially today. My little girl has asked that we support her plight for saving and caring for wild mountain gorillas through the Virunga Foundation.

Virunga National Park is one of the most biologically diverse areas on the planet and home to the worlds critically endangered mountain gorillas.
This park is a sanctuary for endangered mountain gorillas. Staff and rangers in the park, often come under deadly attack. 200 brave Rangers have lost their lives so far in the line of duty, with 6 of them killed in a horrendous attack in January of this year.
Apart from the unrest that surrounds the park, like most places in the world, Covid has taken its toll.

For today, we would like all funds raised to go directly to the park, and the amazing work they do, offering whatever support we can.
In Honors words, “I hope people will support this cause, this is our world!”.

I have placed the ticket price as £10.
If you want to donate more, we encourage you to buy more tickets. If £10 is too much, please click on the link below and donate whatever you feel is right and enjoy reading a little more about Honors story.


If you have any problems with the link. please go to www.uk.virginmoneygiving.com and search Val Johnston


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