Join Val for 2hrs of Yin Yoga, in our warm, cosy, candlelit studio. Friday 6th January 6pm – 8pm


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Join me in our warm candlelit studio for 2 hours as we gently ease into the fabric of our body including the soles of our feet, getting into the softer tissues to melt away tension and stresses.
Softening away limitations from our physical body depending on our own unique everyday physical movements. Yin Yoga, helps to create space and free us, enhance mobility with patience and dedication, but also it helps create space in our minds. Expanding the space from stimulus to reaction, making us less reactive, making decisions from a wiser, more peaceful place of understanding.

“Between the stimulus and the response, there is a space, and in that space lies our Power and our Freedom.” – Victor Frankl

Allow me to take you into a deep state of relaxation, helping you to sleep better, strengthen your immune system and
help you flow smoothly, gently into 2023.