Candlelit Yin Yoga – The Perfect Pause continued…Fri 28th December 6.30pm – 8pm


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Here it is,  one of our  most popular yearly events continued….

Our Thursday night has sold out even quicker this year, so there’s been requests to run a second, for those who didn’t manage to book into Thursday nights class or for those who want to spoil themselves 2 nights in a row, or escape the madness completely for 2  nights!!  Whatever your reason, you don’t even need one….

The ‘perfect pause’, during the sometimes chaotic festive season. A time to stop and recharge your batteries. Take time for yourself, learn to surrender and breath. Yin is an incredible practice, staying curious, finding your appropriate edge, remaining still and melting into time. Simple, yet so effective, for not only flexibility, our ligaments are made thicker and stronger through collagen production. It helps improve lubrication through greater hydration of our tissues, which allows our joints to move more easily, there are so many anatomical benefits, but the icing on the cake, it brings peace, stillness and clarity to our minds.
Working with all abilities, inviting you into a carefully selected sequence of postures. If you cant do it one way, we’ll find another way.
The studio carries a beautiful energy and during Candlelit Yin, especially in the darker months, this is particularly prevalent.
Move out of your world and into ours just for that ‘perfect pause’.


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