Candlelit Yin Yoga & Sound Bath with Val & Rabin Friday 6pm – 8pm March 15th


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Slowing moving from Winter to Spring, nourishing the body and mind for creativity, growth and new beginnings, let’s ease into the fabric of our body through long held Yin postures, getting into the softer tissues to ease out tension and stresses. Melting away limitations from our physical body depending on our own unique everyday physical movements.  Yin Yoga, helps to create space and free us, enhance mobility with patience and dedication, but also it helps create space and stillness in our busy minds. Expanding the space from stimulus to reaction, making us less reactive, making decisions from a wiser, more peaceful place of understanding. Add this powerful practice to Rabin’s Sound Bath, the healing power of sound….

Taking you into a deep state of relaxation, helping you to sleep better, reduce pain and strengthen your immune system.

The history of sound healing, goes back 1000’s of years, some say for as long as humanity has records. Travelling across many religions and cultures, from the Buddhists of Tibet, to Greek physicians who tapped into the power of vibration to aid digestion, promote sleep, the ancient Egyptians used sound to heal the sick. The indigenous Australians 40,000 years ago, who used didgeridoos in healing rituals.

Enjoy this night, while you allow yin asanas and waves of sound to ease out and sooth away your stresses, helping you to flow smoothly with life.