Candlelit Slow Flow with Val, a Moving Meditation Friday 27th January 6pm – 7.30pm


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Join me for an incredible evening of candlelit flow yoga.  Pausing while we connect to the rhythm of our breath, while stilling the mind, through the exploration of movement.

Flow Yoga is referred to as ‘flow’ because it moves from one pose to another in a continuous, smooth way.   I have choreographed a series of simple sequences, that we repeat, so you can get let go in the present moment, listening to a beautiful selection of ambient beats, in this incredible setting that we are lucky to call our studio.

When you are in the moment, which is what happens when you are so focused on what you’re doing in flow, you will lose track of time and gain a sense of ‘this is me’.  This is your time, your space, your practice.

Flowing from a floor sequence, building gently to peaks of a more energising synchronised set of movements with ease and grace, always returning back to our breath, our centre, bringing us back to the floor with longer held poses while being guided gently into Shavasana.

Let’s flow together.