Animal Flow Beginners Workshop 9.30am – 11.30am Saturday 2nd November All levels


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Animal flow is a structured series of animal style movements that can be linked together to form flows, similar to yoga. There are mobility drills that help you own the positions you’ll be using, you will learn switches, transitions, this is where animal flow really shines. It encourages flow and creativity, you learn the basics, then you find your natural body speed, the instructors remind you ‘slow and own’. There is a lot of focus on joint stability and developing motor control.

It perfect for us yogi’s as well as those of you from fitness disciplines, that want to add another interesting and lets face it, pretty cool edge, to your training. Connecting and moving in every plane of the human body, finding and developing our own unique natural body pattern.
It’s fun, it improves your strength, flexibility, inner power and endurance. Using a variety of elements from various body-weight training disciplines. To me, I can see/feel yoga, martial arts, dance, an exploration of what is possible almost through play! The human body is incredible – to watch an animal flow is quite beautiful and in order to make it look amazing takes yes like everything practice and dedication, but also a whole load of fun.

I’m excited, I hope you’re excited, lets crawl and travel together.

Our guide and teacher for this workshop is the lovely Kerry Murdoch, Animal Flow Instructor and Personal Trainer.


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