Aerial Yoga for beginners with Val Saturday 15th January 9.30am – 11am


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An introduction to the world of Aerial Yoga. While this session is for beginners, we cover a lot! We will look at how you can use the hammock to increase flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness. The hammocks are not only an amazing yoga prop, allowing you to tackle yoga postures that you may have considered are too far out of reach in a traditional class, they are also used for suspension training, (think mini bootcamp). Once you feel confident and you will, even if I hold your hand for the most of it, you may want to explore the more creative, playful side, with a trick or two, (think circus).

Aerial brings out your playful side. Yes, we work hard, but it’s so much fun and very addictive.

Keeping the numbers low to stay within the restrictions that are present.