A weekend with the Kilted Yogi – Finlay Wilson 2nd/3rd March 2019


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4 incredible workshops,  10 hours of Yoga!

Join us for what will be an amazing weekend.

Sat,  2nd March, 10am  – Warrior of Light – Connect to your legs, your personal power and begin the journey to make peace with the battles inside of you…

Sat, 2nd March 1.30pm – Feast for the Soul – Creating an opportunity to quantum leap, your energy patterns, through some of the delightful and challenging, Forrest Yoga poses.

Sun, 3rd March, 10am – Illuminate Your Heart – With your heart clear, you will be able to feel what moves your heart the most.

Sun, 3rd March, 1.30pm – Journey to the Core – Connecting to this power centre, creating space in the abdominals to create a reflexive and responsive abdominal and core.

Once we have collated numbers for the whole day, we will know if we can open space for individual workshops.  Once you have done the first, you will want to stay for all 4, Finlay is a hugely inspiring, warm, entertaining, international teacher.

If you are travelling from a far, we have rooms at the studio that can be booked.  Please email and we’ll forward the link ourworldyoga@gmail.com




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