A Playful Sunday Flow with Kiki- 29th March 4.30pm – 5.30pm


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Come along and join Kiki, one of our last year yoga teacher graduates, for a beautiful Sunday Flow.
This is a donation class for Chigubudu Primary School, in Malawi. Our Studio has been sponsoring this school for three years now, via Marys Meals. Trying to support a community and offer hope.

What Kiki has planned for you….
An invitation to play on our mats – this is an opportunity to explore our minds and bodies through becoming curious about how we can breathe and move, in order to truly engage with ourselves. In our busy modern lives, it is easy to forget the importance of play – why not take a moment to embrace the joy of play?. The class will begin with a breathing exercise to foster compassion towards ourselves and each other, before moving into a flow sequence where you will be encouraged and supported to feel how your body moves. Playfulness will be a key ingredient, as it helps open our minds and bodies to curiosity and creativity, and it brings us to a place of joy. We will close the practice with relaxation, taking time to appreciate what our minds and bodies help us do. The class is suitable for all levels.


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