The Power & Grace of Yin & Yang 200hr Yoga Teacher Training – the journey through 2019 has begun.

The start of something new, can be nerve wracking for some, or a relief that the first step has been taken, towards a passion, a journey of self discovery, a new way of life, endless possibilities. My hope for these teachers is they take their skills from mat – out into the world, to schools, to hospitals, to groups, 1-1’s, supporting anyone and everyone, who would find benefits in yoga and all its limbs.

Surrendering, melting into Yin
  • Facing our fears workshop at the end of our 1st weekend together as a yoga family – Firewalking and Arrow Break! – its fare to say, everyone has bonded beautifully .and ready for the weekends ahead.
Firewalk @ Our World Yoga

We are now taking notes of interest for January 2020!

If you would like to follow your passion, make a difference, learn more… get in touch, make that first step, you will never look back! Love the Life you Live

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