200 hr Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher Training 2020 – Now Open

Get yourself a cup of tea, pull up a chair, feet up and see what our students have got up to so far….6 months in, for our 2019 students.


If you would like to turn your passion, into a way of life, make a difference, share your knowledge with others and live the life you love, drop us an email ourworldyoga@gmail.com

…by having gratitude, you hold the key to happiness. It’s known as the most passionate force in the universe. It’s been referred to as the secret of life and the key to open all doors – LG (Manifesting Abundance)

At last the 200hr hours dates for 2020, that you have been asking for….

Module 1 – Fri 31st Jan 6-9pm, Sat 1st Feb 8am – 6pm

Module 2 – Fri 28th Feb 6-9pm, Sat 29th Feb 8am – 6pm

Module 3 – Fri 27th March 6-9pm, Sat 28th March 8am – 6pm

Module 4 – Fri 24th April 6-9pm, Sat 25th April 8am – 6pm

Module 5 – Fri 29th May 6-9pm, Sat 30th May 8am – 6pm

Module 6 – Fri 19th June 6-9pm, Sat 20th June 8am – 6pm

Module 7 – Fri 28th Aug 6-9pm, Sat 29th Aug 8am – 6pm

Module 8 – Fri 18th Sept 6-9pm, Sat 19th Sept 8am – 6pm

Module 9 – Fri 23rd Oct 6-9pm, Sat 24th Oct 8am – 6pm

Module 10 – Fri 13th Nov 6-9pm, Sat 14th Nov 8am – 6pm

Module 11 – Fri 4th December 6-9pm, Sat 5th December 8am – 6pm

Module 12 – Friday 11th December GRADUATION NIGHT

Some lovely quotes from this years training….

“Bl**dy Amazing!”

“This course has made me a better teacher, the students notice, the teachers notice, I notice!”

So inspirational

“I was excited to be challenged physically, box ticked, but I didn’t expect to delve as deep. To be honest, I hadn’t realised there was so much to yoga. My views and where my focus was has changed, definitely for the better.”

I know I will finish this training, with the most amazing memories and will always remember, how supported and nurtured I felt.”

I started wanting to achieve headstand, now my focus is on breath.”

“What nerves, I’ve found my voice!”

The care and thought that has gone into this course, has been incredible and hugely appreciated.”

When does the 300hrs start?”

“We cover, Vinyasa & Yin, 2 very different practices, which I practice and find compliment each other perfectly – when we consider how we feel each day, both emotionally and physically, depending on what Season we are in, depending on the time of day, depending on what the body and mind needs for balance, following your own natural rhythm, your dosha.

When I sat on a beach on the island of Ibiza, 3 years ago to write the draft of my first Yoga Teacher Training Manual, starting each day with a strong Vinyasa flow, I deliberated at why I wouldn’t combine both. Since combining Yin into my own Vinyasa practice, my focus, strength and sense of calm and peace have magnified. One cannot exist without the other and it would be wrong for me, I feel, not to share both.” – Val

What are the prerequisites to apply? – It depends on your motivation. For some, it’s to add depth and more colour to their own practice, If you are hoping to go into teaching, then a good steady practice, a passion for yoga whether it’s on or off the mat and of course for everyone, no matter what your intention, kindness and an openness to learn.

Send us an email, with why you would like to be part of this training. Taking Deposits now for 2020, to secure your place. Please note, if you are travelling from afar, we have rooms at the studio to rent.

We are a Yoga Alliance Teacher Training School.