Firewalk Awakening

Private Firewalk – 12/01/19

The count down to Christmas has begun, how about an unforgettable experience in the West End of Glasgow… Join us on the 12th January 2019 at 5pm for a Private Garden Firewalk.  The evening will be guided by one of Scotland’s leading Firewalk Companies, 90 minutes of  introduction & ceremony.

Firewalking has been practiced by many people and cultures in all parts of the world, nourishing and warming the human spirit, for many, many years, the earliest known reference dates back to the Iron Age, India 1200BC.  Firewalking has evolved into a powerful tool for self realisation, empowerment, exploring consciousness and even healing.  For some its an opportunity to raise funds for a charity close to their hearts and for some  just an experience to tick of the bucket list.  Whatever the reason, the history is most certainly fascinating and its sure to be a brilliant night. Some dance, some walk – joyously, solemnly, exuberantly or devotionally, making their way across the fire – What a brilliant start to your year…, fresh mind, open heart – trust and believe.

Tickets are £60 – only ticket holders will be given access to the garden

Yoga, a true gift.

Our Gift Cards are made from 100% recycled card – zero waste.  Plus they arrive in the post, which is kinda special.

Give someone what they really want for Christmas…

A single class pass, only £10/£12

A block of 5 classes, £40 (This includes Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and TRX, Suspension Training.)

A specialised monthly class, eg. Candlelit Yin Yoga, only £17

A workshop from £20 +

A Fire Walk in January 2019, only £60

A 4 night retreat in Sunny Portugal from only £430

Something for Everyone

All our events/classes are listed online and change weekly.  Have a browse, send us a message or email and we’ll have your Gift Voucher in the post within 24hrs (07807 163 633 or

Yoga really is the greatest gift.

2018 is not over yet and we have many exciting classes/events and workshops still to go, however we wanted to pause, take a breath and say a massive THANK YOU! 

To all the yoga students and teachers, who have generously given their time to volunteer, collect and bring us clothes/toys etc to sell, made stuff, donated prizes, practiced Yoga with us and donated generously for these classes.  For those that have joined in with our 108 Sun salutation Events throughout the year and everything else that you do and have done….all to make this happen!!!!

£4,240.00 was our target and tonight (more donations are still arriving!), the total is sitting at…..£4,741.73

This means, we are now the proud sponsors of Chigubudu Primary School in Southern Malawi, providing food to each child, (over 300 children are now attending this school),  for 1 whole year.

Sometimes all that is required is a little bit of support, to make a huge difference within a community – which in turn has a positive rippling effect through future generations.