DONATION DAY for Nkhalango Primary School in Malawi

29 October
Morning till Night

As a yoga studio and yoga community we have agreed to sponsor Nkhalanga Primary School, our vision is, we would like to feed all 679 children for a whole year.
For most of these children, the only meals they will receive are at school. This is not only encouragement for the children to be educated and positive steps for the future of these children and their communities, but for now, the children say, not only does this help them to concentrate but it gives them energy to play and have fun.
For the lucky children of Malawi, the morning and chance to go to school brings hope. Countless of these children are orphans, having lost parents to HIV and other devastating illnesses. Being alone makes an already harsh reality even more difficult. With no one to provide them with love and support, these children fend for themselves. While at school , in the morning the children will receive porridge and at lunchtime, the children receive another meal of maize, relish and beans, cooked by some amazing volunteers.

So far we have raised over £400 through our Summer Solstice event, our target is £9439.00. I know, its a huge amount, but with all the events we plan to do over the year, it may just be possible.

“Great things are done, by a series of small things brought together.”! – Vincent Van Gogh

Luckily, we have a wonderful small (but big hearted team), here at the Studio, who are all willing to give up their time for this cause.

The Itinerary so far for the day:
10:00 – 11:15 Ashtanga with Heather Burns
11.30 – 12:30 TRX with Lee
13:00 – 14:15 Forrest Yoga with Katie Boyle
14:30 – 15:45 Aerial Yoga with Val
17:00 – 18:30 Yin Yoga with Val
18:45 – 20:00 ‘Pamper Special’ with our in house Masseuse, Gill Agnew.
What a perfect way to end the day!

More classes may be added nearer the time, we’ll keep you posted on our Facebook Event!

AcroYoga with Brighton's Level 2 AcroYoga Instructor, Neilon Pitamber (all levels, everyone can do something, surprise yourself!)

Saturday, 11 November
10:00-12:30 / 13:30-15:30

Part 1
10:00 - 12:00

Building from the foundation, working in small groups, finding our balance and strength, growing in confidence and ability, moving into 'washing machines', will we manage a 'pop' or a 'hand to hand'?, let's wait and see....

Lunch for all (Vegetarian)

Part 2
13:30 - 15:30

Going over briefly some of the 'tricks' from Part 1, and looking at what we can work towards before Neilon's next visit! - For the most of this section, we'll be seeing how AcroYoga can be 'therapeutic' as opposed to the 'Dynamic' nature we'll have covered in the morning, finishing with the teachings of Thai Massage, a gift you can take away and practice.

- If you're looking for further discount, choose the 'bring a friend to both parts' option when booking and this reduces the cost to only £35 each! (£70 for 2)

- Quite often other yoga/dance studios or friends like to come in groups, message us direct for 'group discounts!'

We are so excited to welcome Neilon back! This is a truly wonderful and unique day, spending time with other yogis of mixed ability. Trusting, supporting and encouraging each other from the minute you walk through the studio doors.

Ticket for one - £40
Ticket for two - £70

Candlelit Yin Yoga

Friday, 17 November

A perfect 'pause', during the sometimes chaotic lives. A time to stop, repair and recharge, taking time for yourself. Gather your thoughts, relax into stillness and just breath.
A beautiful practice in a beautiful candlelit setting. All abilities welcomed with open arms.

TRX/Suspension Training Workshop with Lee

Saturday, 25 November
Suspension training engages the whole body. The instability that the suspension system creates while you perform movements means that your core is constantly activated. The functional movements mean that many muscles are worked at the same time, providing a very comprehensive, all over body workout.
Lee is one of Glasgow's most sought after personal trainers. His knowledge of anatomy and years of experience on how to utilise exercise programmes to get the results you desire, as well as his friendly approachable character is what draws people to him.
He will work through the muscle groups that are being targeted and will be ready and open for lots of questions and answers.

108 Sun Salutations for Nkhalanga Primary School in Malawi

Saturday, 2 December

9:30 for registration, 10:00 start.
£20 registration fee (will be donated directly to our cause)

Every year we come together to raise funds for a worthy cause, this year we are putting together numerous events raising funds for Nkhalango Primary School in Malawi.

The atmosphere in the studio is amazing at these events, we come together, the breath leads the asana and we flow together in a moving meditation.
Normally we finish the Sun Salutations within an hour, so if you are healthy and able to exercise for one hour, then feel free to join our team. If you are at all unsure please seek medical advice.

We have a strong front row to keep the pace, you move at a speed that's comfortable to you, if you need to rest in child's pose that's completely ok. We start together and we finish together, we are a team! Last year we had a couple that joined in, who had never done a sun salutation before, definitely not recommended, however they happily made it to the end with large smiles on their faces.

This is a sociable event where you will all be awarded with festive goodies and snacks for your efforts.

We have our own stone counter who keeps us right and offers 'breathing breaks' to allow the heart rate to come back to its natural rhythm.


We do ask that you ask your pals/family to sponsor you. We will send you the donation link and it's as easy as popping it onto your FB page and hoping they are feeling generous. There is no min. you just get what you can and it all goes towards our total. Last year people took hats round at parties, someone made friendship bands and sold them. Loads of creative ideas, we'll leave it in your good hands.

Aerial Yoga for beginners with Val

Sunday, 3 December
A wonderful introduction to the world of Aerial Yoga or a great way to brush up on technique.
Using our giant luxurious hammocks to warm up, supporting the body, increase your flexibility gently and mindfully while building core and upper body strength. When ready moving into therapeutic and fun inversions using as much resistance and support as you need, always knowing that the hammock is there.
Finishing with arguably one of the most amazing ways to relax, cocooned airborne in your own world, inside the hammock. In daytime the sun shines gently through the sky lights, sometimes you can listen to the pitter, patter of raindrops or if you're lucky to join in an evening class you may even see the night stars!

Candlelit Yin Yoga

Thursday, 28 December

A perfect 'pause', during the sometimes chaotic festive period. A time to stop, repair and recharge, taking time for yourself. Gather your thoughts, relax into stillness and just breath.
A beautiful practice in a beautiful candlelit setting. All abilities welcomed with open arms.