We look forward to welcoming you to our new friendly Our World Yoga Studio in Glasgow. We are offering a wide range of classes for all abilities, to restore or challenge, you choose.

Our teachers are highly qualified and have dedication to their own practice and ongoing study. Yoga is their way of life.

Join us and let them guide you to a healthier body and mind with this wonderful ancient practice.

Enjoy the journey!

Our classess


In this class we are synchronising our movement to the breath. Smooth, strong poses, each one linking to the next, building internal heat and energy.
This class is for all levels, adapting where necessary.
A variety of yoga styles could be considered to be vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga, Baptiste Yoga, Juvamukti, Power Yoga, Prana Flow etc


Be part of the Yin Crowd
Yin Yoga is one of the best tools to create stillness of the mind.
A quiet simple practice but not necessarily the easiest.
The class consists of long held passive floor poses, held for up to 5mins, possibly longer.
It targets our deepest tissue, our connective tissues, ligaments, joints, bones and the deep fascia networks of the body, rather than the muscles.
By allowing ur muscles to completely relax we are adding moderate stress to our connective tissue, increasing our flexibility and joint movement.

We use 3 magic ingredients:
- finding your appropriate edge
- stillness
- time
Energetically, Yin Yoga improves the energy flow, enhancing the flow of chi in the organs.

An all level class where we adapt postures to suit the individual.


Aerial Yoga defies gravity, allowing you to perform various yoga poses, some that may feel out of reach on the mat but possible with the support of our gorgeous giant hammocks.
Due to the nature of Aerial Yoga movements we are working almost all parts of the body. Increasing flexibility by encouraging the body to move deeper with the help of the hammock. Not only for hamstrings but for spine extension, imagine a giant pair of hands holding you while you develop your back bending/ extension of the spine techniques. We also use the hammocks for strength training, using our own body weight to increase strength and definition on the upper body, the core, arm and back muscles.

Aerial works wonders for posture and back issues allowing decompression of the spine and joints while being supported in inversions.
Aerial is a happy joyous practice, allowing the endorphins and blood to flow freely around the body giving us that wonderful natural high. It's playful and beneficial for all ages and abilities.

We run adult classes, kids (8yrs plus), private groups and birthday parties.

Long sleeves are recommended and please no jewellery for your own safety and the longevity of our hammocks.


TRX Suspension Training, born in the Navy SEALs. Suspension training, body weight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.
It requires the use of the TRX suspension trainer, a tool that leverages gravity and the users body weight to complete hundreds of exercises.
A complete beginner can train in the same class as a pro athlete working at different gradients.
We all love our TRX classes at the studio and find since training our yoga practices and other sports have refined and become stronger. Just about all Professional sports individuals train on TRX to give them the competitive edge. So if you are competing or just want to build strength for every day purposes, this is the class for you.


AcroYoga is a physical practice which combines yoga and acrobatics. The wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and the loving kindness of healing arts. These 3 lineages form the foundation of a practice that cultivates, trust, playfulness and communication.
We run AcroYoga Events throughout the year at weekends with our Level 2 AcroYoga Guest Teacher Neilon Pitamber.


Ana Forrest had spent over 35 years developing Forrest Yoga, specifically to address Our People's (current day) stresses and challenges.
Forrest Yoga is renowned as an intensely physical practice that emphasises how to carry a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life.
The practice challenges students to access their whole being finding and cleansing emotional and mental blocks.

We are blessed to have Finlay Thomas Wilson, an International Yogi who assists and travels with Ana under her guidance, lead our workshops and Forrest Ceremony throughout the year.
Finlay also runs 'adjustment clinic training' for yoga teachers and health/sports professionals here at the studio.


'Meet you at the Barre'

A fusion of 3 disciplines, Ballet, Pilates and Yoga.
An all over workout, using the ballet barre, the Pilates ball and yoga mat.
Small intense movements developing strength, lengthening muscles, coordination and balance.
If you think 60 seconds is a short time you have not experienced the Barre!

Huge in the US, now proving to be popular in the UK.

All levels.


Prenatal Yoga is key to a healthy happy pregnancy, both for your physical body and emotional state.
Prenatal yoga breathing techniques can help shortness of breath during pregnancy and help you work through contractions during labor.
Postures are modified to suit your stage of pregnancy.
We recommend if you've never done yoga before, that you start in the 2nd trimester, after 14 weeks. This is to be on the safe side, there's no evidence that doing yoga or any exercise in the 1st trimester will harm your baby, however in the 2nd trimester you are also less likely to feel tired and sick.

A beautiful community is built and once baby is born, you can look forward to joining back into your community, meeting the new babies and hearing how everybody got on.


Once you have had your 6/8 week check from the doctor, we look forward to welcoming both you and baby (babies) to the studio.
This is a wonderful informal practice where you can meet other mums and babies at the same stage as you or meet the babies of the mums you met in our prenatal yoga class.
Starting to build strength in the upper body, legs and core, with focus on the pelvic floor and breathing techniques to encourage relaxation both for you and your baby.
Baby has also a chance to practice baby yoga with an enjoyable short baby massage.
Please bring a little towel for baby to lie on.


A truly wonderful bonding experience for both mum and baby (or dad, or grandparent).
Long before babies are able to speak, they communicate with the world around them through touch.
There are so many benefits to baby massage:
- Helping you become more confident in handling your childv - Relief from wind, colic, constipation and teething discomfort
- increases levels of relaxation and longer sleep
- reduces crying and emotional stress
- helps your baby feel secure and loved
It's also another chance to bond with other mums and babies.
These groups are kept small and we only use 100% natural organic oils or creams.


Over the year we run 'Raw' Workshops with the gorgeous Laurianne. Introducing you to ideas and concepts of eating raw, tantalising your taste buds with Gluten free, non dairy, no refined sugar delights. From gorgeous cakes, tarts, energy balls to the art of chocolate making.
To book and see when the next workshop is on - www.lauriannesrawcakes.co.uk