Frequently asked questions

What Aerial Class will suit me?

Beginners Aerial - it is advised to start with a beginners block or beginners workshop. This introduces the hammock to you and allows you to start the exploration of Aerial Yoga gently.

Yin/Restorative Aerial - this is a series of deeply restorative yin postures. Holding the postures for several minutes each, stimulating energy channels, opening joints and massaging connective tissue. A beautiful meditative practice enhancing the body's natural healing process, relaxing and rejuvenating. The hammock is hung very low to the ground for this practice.

Improvers Aerial - the next step once you have completed a beginners block or beginners workshop. Helping you move more freely with less effort by counteracting gravity.

Experienced Aerial - a challenging class, flowing from one posture to another, building on core strength.

Tricks and Flips - what it says on the tin! For the experienced and adventurous at heart!

Kids Aerial - small groups (age 8 - 12) - focusing on the playful fun side of aerial. Building on flexibility, strength, confidence and smiles.

What do I wear to an Aerial Yoga Class?
  • no jewellery is permitted. (however for engagement, wedding bands, if you really do not want to remove them, you can place a plaster or micropore tape over them)
  • long sleeves, some people like to wear a thick sweatshirt for padding until you get used to the feeling of the fabric
  • leggings, jogging trousers (cuff at the bottom works best)
  • clothes that are not too loose, remember in some classes we go upside down
  • no belts, zips or accessories that could potentially catch or snag the silk fabric.
How do I prepare for class?
  • do not use hand lotion before class
  • no sharp nails
  • avoid eating 1 hour before class, however make sure you have eaten something small previous to this, as you don't want to feel light headed or dizzy
What do I bring to class?
  • we have mats at the studio, however most yoga practitioners like to bring their own
  • water
  • most of all, an open mind!
What can I expect at an aerial yoga class?

Students alternate between hammock and mat depending on class level and style you choose. The class slowly progress' from the hammock holding a small percentage of body weight to 100% body weight.

You will increase your muscular flexibility, increase core strength, increase joint mobility, we will work deeply to realign the spine. We will be working at relieving tension on the bones and muscles. Increasing the blood flow around the body and increasing your endorphins!

We end the class in a floating Sivasana - bliss!

Physical Restrictions

If you have any medical issues that prevent you from inverting, glaucoma, heart conditions or spinal injuries. However you should always seek your doctors advice before commencing any exercise programme.

Family Yoga

What is Family Yoga

Family Yoga is simply fun! It's for the family, whether you're 1 or a 100.

The class moves at a faster pace than some regular yoga classes. We twist, we bend, we lengthen, we strengthen, use concentration and focus through sequencing, individual postures, group postures, partner and some playful acro yoga.

We incorporate yoga games, breathing techniques and finishing with a well earned relaxation... bliss.

Family Yoga is to appreciate the benefits yoga gifts to yourself but also to extend this to your whole family. You are bonding, opening up communication channels, learning from each other, trusting one another, learning patience, understanding and most importantly having fun together.

P.S. Kids love to show you, what comes naturally to them and maybe not as naturally to us :-)


What Style of Yoga will suit me?

Our World Yoga are offering a variety of styles for all levels and abilities. If you are new to yoga, it's always advisable to start with a beginners block or beginners workshop. You will learn with yoga, that the journey is about you, listening to your body and accepting where you are. In your own time you can move into improvers and experienced classes. Any level of ability can enjoy our restorative classes, which are very relaxing, sheer bliss.

What do I bring?

  • Mat - There are mats at the studio to borrow if you are coming along for the first time or have forgotten your own, however most yogi's prefer their own mat.
  • Water - there will be water to purchase at the studio, however you may want to bring your own. Some Yogi's prefer not to drink at all through practice and some practices require that you don't, your teacher will guide you. Only water is permitted into the studio.
  • Comfortable clothes - Wear comfortable clothes and clothes that are easy to move in without restriction.
  • ...and most importantly, you!

Can I wear exercise shoes or socks?

Shoes of any sort are not permitted into the studio for hygiene reasons. Yoga in regular socks can cause slipping, which can be dangerous. However, if you don't like to practice yoga barefoot we recommend Yoga Socks, which have grips. They can be purchased at a variety of places including or